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February, 2021

An interview with Martin Wettergren

He is the Founder of Soultech, Marbella Tech Hub, Agapi Boat Sharing Marbella, Mediapilot, Whispr, Caterbee, Movesta, Solvthis, and Beaubi, among others.

Entrepreneur by nature, he founded Mediapilot in 2006 after finishing University. Mediapilot is a media analysis company focused on actionable insights for over 100 global relevant brands such as Coca Cola or McDonalds.

After seven years he decided to take a break and travelled around the world looking for sustainable entrepreneurship and to get some perspective on things. This decision led him to, among other things, start up Klout as his first market outside of USA.

Mediapilot have now merged with New York based Whispr Group, a digital strategy and intelligence company in the big data sphere. He sold his shares Whispr 2018 and he is since then active as a startup advisor, as well as starting up new ventures.

He is always looking to meet similar professionals with interest in start-ups, tech, mindfulness, foodtech, sustainability and circular business which are his biggest passions.

Today, we interview Martin Wettergren

  • Could you please introduce yourself and share your career highlights with our followers?

Started my first company when I was 25 and have since then focused on building mainly internet ventures. I love to build companies and to develop people. Sustainability and business models that support the planet and people are especially important to me.

  • In which projects are you currently working on?

Soultech is my main venture that I’m spending full time on, together with Fredrik Båge and Johan Hedberg. But I’m also part of a team that’s launched Agapi Boat sharing club in Marbella and building a tech hub set to open the doors in one years time.

  • You have just launched Soultech. Can you please explain what it’s about?

We have seen a big interest in development of online shopping and what is driving the revenue in the future of online space. Soultech wants to personalise and automate customer engagement and works with two parts: personalised messaging and conversational AI. Through Rich media, 1:1 conversations between customers and companies, omnichannel and personalization are Soultech going to be a part of and build this future.

  • Who are your business partners?

Fredrik Båge, Founder of Soultech and Johan Hedberg, Founder of Sinch that Soultech has a partnership with.

  • Who is your main customer?

We have gotten great responses from e-commerce and digital-first companies that have already come far in their journey to automation and being on the right channels for the customers.

  • You have launched a series of Round Tables seeking to dig deeper into the trend of messaging. Could you please tell us a little bit about this initiative and how can we register to attend?

Yes, this is something we’re really excited about. It’s free for anyone to join and listen in and ask questions. We’ve got some very interesting internet leaders and entrepreneurs lined up for these intimate sessions throughout spring. Follow Soultech on LinkedIn and Instagram or sign up to our newsletters to receive invites.

  • How do you see entrepreneurship in Spain right now?

Must say it’s looking very bright. The startup trend is very strong in general and I think that we’ll be seeing even bigger companies being built the coming years. This will lead to founders wanting to give back to the community by investing in new startups. I’m hoping that the global trend of sustainability and impact tech will also hit hard in Spain, sooner than later. That along with equality is something where I think Spain is far behind other leading tech countries.

  • What are the main differences between entrepreneurship in Spain and Sweden?Why?

Sheer size is one factor that’s different. Fewer startups that have made it really big which I’m sure will happen within the next 3-5 years. Sustainability and/or impact tech is another mentioned above. This is something absolutely crucial if you’re seeking an investment. Not just to have in your business plan as a pretty slide but as a core part of your business model.

  • What skills do successful entrepreneurs have?

Sales, sales and sales:) Creating an amazing atmosphere/culture around themselves and persistence.

  • Why is the era of digital technology important?

Not sure I think it’s all that important. Pretty sure we’ll get tired of this trend sometime in the future. Will happen sometime around the time we start having sex with digital assistants and robots. Offline will be (and maybe already is) the real luxury.

  • The Covid-19 pandemic forces remote work for many employees. What are the benefits of telecommuting from your point of view?

It’s now possible to launch a global company from anywhere on the planet. How amazing is that. Democratisation of entrepreneurship for real.

  • Is it possible for you to explain a little bit about your project regarding the creation of an Impact Tech Hub in Marbella for entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and geeks?

We’re still in stealth mode but I can say that there’s an increasingly growing population on Costa del Sol, and Marbella in particular, looking to hang out with like minded people on a daily basis. Why not create an amazing space for this community?

  • Which is the primary goal of this initiative?

That Spain´s first impact tech unicorn is founded in this hub.

  • You are one of those Swedes who’ve moved to Marbella. What made you decide to live in Spain? And why Marbella?

Lifestyle, Spanish people and culture, location.

  • What are your Social Media Accounts to follow you?

Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.

  • We hope you visit Finca Solmark soon. What do you think about this ecological project?

Nothing but admiration for it! One observation is that there’s a need for 100’s of Finca Solmarks in Spain. That are organic, use less packaging and plastic and have a circular economy mindset.

  • What are your goals for the future?

To eat and cook amazing food. Hang out with people that give me energy. Win a professional tennis match.

  • Any final thoughts you’d like to share with our followers?

Come visit Costa del Sol if you haven’t been. Finca Solmark is waiting for you.


Finca Solmark is a Spanish-Swedish Rural EcoTourism engaged in the production, marketing and export to Europe of olive oil, avocado and other ecological products to Sweden. It offers charming rural accommodation and several projects to promote awareness, dissemination and environmental education.




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