September, 2019

World Cleanup Day 2019

A Finca Solmark initiative to clean Carratraca

On 21 September 2019, we held at Finca Solmark the World Cleanup Day  , a cause joined by volunteers from Carratraca, Coin, Mijas, Alora, and Madrid among other places.
This initiative, more commonly known as  World Cleanup Day”, is held in over 150 countries around the world as society’s response tothe critical problem of waste management.We would like to thank all those who participated in the  Carratraca cleanup, especially those who came with their kids so that they can learn from an early age, the very importance of keeping the planet clean, of becoming aware of the importance of caring, of changing our consumption habits and that every small action adds up!

World Cleanup Day Carratraca 2019

Your involvement encourages and motivates us to continue working on this kind of initiatives. We will keep you up to date about upcoming activities!Images speak for themselves. 😲We found tins, litters, bottles, electrical appliances, briefcases, condoms, nappies, plastics, batteries, food, toys, cardboard, tyres, chewing gum, etc. and these are just some examples.
We hope that, in addition to helping people to take another  step in the cleanup of Carratraca, participants enjoyed a different and fun morning.
“Let us not forget every day that the earth is home to us all.”