November, 2019

The launch of ecological products: ensuring health and well-being

The popularity of ecological products has experienced a remarkable development in recent years. We are becoming increasingly aware of the properties and benefits of eating these foods and there are many studies that endorse their healthy characteristics as opposed to crops grown using intensive farming techniques.
In 2014, the prestigious magasine British journal of Nutrition already published a University of Newcastle study in the United Kingdom, that showed that ecological foods have a higher concentration of antioxidants and even lower levels of toxic heavy metals such as mercury or lead. These data are support and extended therough the research project carried out by the European Union Quality Low Input Food,, which underlines that these products havemore vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates than those that are grown intensively.
Therefore, environmentally friendly foods are healthier products,  are free of toxins and contain no additives or genetic modifications that can harm our body. In addition, they are cultivated at high quality levels by experts and are respectful with the environment as their farmers are aware of the sustainability of their surroundings.

All these benefits seem to have made an impact on Spanish society, which has increased its consumption of environmentally friendly products significantly over the past decade. In fact, Spanish people have doubled their spending on sustainable food since 2013, from 22 euros on average to 47 euros in 2019. And especially among young people, according to data from the report ‘The ecological sector in Spain 2018’, 30% of its consumers in our country are less than 35 years of age.

However, Spain is far behind other European countries around us, especially the Nordic countries. Thus, for example, the internal Spanish market forecological products amounted to 1,686 million euros in sales for 2017, 2,700 million euros for Sweden. 

Swedish consumers have been traditionally more aware of sustainable food production and environmentally friendliness. Another trend that has increased in the last few years, is their concern fortheir health and physical well-being. Thus, they are pioneers in activities that combine exercise and care for the environment, such as plogging.

Nevertheless, the growth figures for eco-friendly consumption in Spain are hopeful and other indicators such as those indicate that 41% of consumers avoid the use of plastic in their purchases or that 37% of them chose products with a sustainable package, which brings optimism.

At Finca Solmark we are aware of the benefits of sustainable agriculture and are committed to the production of healthy products. Therefore,  everything we grow is eco-friendly. In our catalogue you will find the best quality and 100% natural olive oilvocados or mangos,, to give  some examples.

If you are interested in ecological products, we would like to invite you to visit our facilities to get to know them better.

And if you are interested in finding out about the possibilities of the sector, visit BIOFACH, the worldwide organic food fair that will bring together  3,500 exhibitors from circa 100 countries around the world in Nuremberg.

And what about you? Have you joined a sustainable consumption of green foods?


Finca Solmark is a Spanish-Swedish Rural EcoTourism engaged in the production, marketing and export to Europe of olive oil, avocado and other ecological products to Sweden. It offers charming rural accommodation and several projects to promote awareness, dissemination and environmental education.

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