It is no easy task to put what the Finca is into words.

In 2018, I went for a walk with a great friend who showed me some land, and its incredible views caught my attention immediately. The truth is that, while the land wasn’t in great shape, something made me feel and start to see that this would be the start of something new in my life.

I bought the finca and what began as a glimmer of hope has now become my future, the beginning of a dream that we are turning into a reality.

We dedicate ourselves mainly to marketing and exporting olive oil and organic products to Sweden and we have a country house as accommodation for visitors, which we have refurbished and renovated inside and out, down to the very last detail, with a prime location in Carratraca, Málaga province.
While I am aware that my objectives are ambitious, I’ve summarized a few of them here:

  • Foster and promote sustainable, environmentally-friendly tourism in Andalusia
  • Raise awarenessin society about environmental responsibility
  • Help the finca’s neighbors make their businesses environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Contribute to generating employment in rural society
  • Provide solutions to rural depopulation in the area (workshops, events, talks, etc.)
  • Contribute to cleaning up, caring for and conserving the places that border on the Finca: the village, paths and forest
  • Share new, progressive ideas with the local population aboutcaring for and respecting the environment: recycling, cleaning-up, etc.
  • Fostering and promoting rural innovation
  • Raise awareness about the • Raise awareness about the and Spanish gastronomy
  • Conserve and promote the area’s local traditions as well as the natural and cultural heritage of rural Andalusia
  • Educate and incentivize consumers of the finca’s products, helping them learn more about the principles of environmental businesses and how they can support those that exist in the community.
Here you can see a small selection of before and after images of the finca. As you’ll see, we had to carry out a thorough clean-up of the land, debris removal, clearing and pruning, complete refurbishment of the house, gardening work, cultivation of new products, and many other tasks.

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