November, 2019

The adventure of discovering the mineral treasures of Malaga

The province of Malaga is home to several hidden natural treasures. Magic places that  hide behind the vegetation, mysterious coves unknown rocks dream viewpoints or fantasy sand dunes among many others, form the Malaga landscape.  And they all have small hidden jewels to discover: the Malaga minerals.

Malaga is a region of great geological variety with the richness of diverse and precious minerals of formidable colour and extraordinary uniqueness that only appear in this area, like azurite whose blue reminds of the Mediterranean in the summer afternoons or limonite of cinnamon colour similar to that of the Andalusian olive grove.

The mineral wealth of the Malaga province is especially important in Carratraca, the municipal area where Finca Solmark is located . So our upcoming activities will include ‘Tours to learn about local Minerals’ , where our friends will be able to discover the joys that are hidden under our feet.
To develop  this activity, we received the collaboration of the scientific platform Meetings with science , coordinated by Enrique Viguera and Ana Grande, full professors of Genetics of the University of Malaga and the Geological Museum Classpromoted by  geologist Juan Carlos Romero. What more can you ask for?
As a trial beginning for these tours, on 5 October our Finca hosted a mineral exhibition organised by Professor Viguera within the framework of our first open day. An event that also served as a meeting point for different local businesses, which had the presence of the President of the Malaga Regional Council, Francisco Salado, and the Carratraca Mayoress, Francisca Jiménez.
The mining activity in the Carratraca area was very significantactivity during the first half of the twentieth century because of its abundance in minerals of industrial interest such as nickel, chrome and steel, in addition to others without manufacturing applications but with the greatest visual beauty such as calcite rhombohedron, limonites  with a cubic structure – pyrite relics altered by geological processes, platinum, tourmaline, garnets, vermiculite or talc. In the area there are even traces of an old diamond mine, abandoned possibly, due to its lack of profitability. Many of the minerals described are associated with a very abundant rock in the Sierra de Aguas and Alcaparain, peridotites, a plutonic igneous rock from the mantle of the Earth, the layer that underlies the terrestrial crust at depths greater than 20 kilometres.
The ‘Tours to find the minerals’ are aimed at people of all ages who want to enjoy the beautiful shapes and colouring of the local minerals, and are ideal as an educational activity for small childres, since  it is a valid way to learn while having fun in a natural environment and knowing firsthand about the minerals of Malaga.

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