I was born and grew up in Sweden: one of the world’s richest countries, with one of the highest rates of human development and progress on the planet, and a model country in environmental terms, having pioneered what is today known as the “Green Revolution”.

At 16 years old, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to create my own company, always with the aim of doing something worthwhile and making the world a better place, to the best of my abilities.

After many years leading companies, I still believe that every last person – without exception – can contribute, through small actions, to caring for our environment, whatever our situation may be.

That’s why I’m trying to raise awareness in society about the fact that we can all sow seeds of hope and prosperity, as a firm advocate of economic and social progress, as well as advances in science and technology.

I believe that, in the twenty-first century, global power resides in the domain of science and technology. Nevertheless, we need to be aware of the risks that this transformation brings.

Know your passion. Follow it. Dream it. Live it.

Pelle Lundborg

All of this finds its expression in Finca Solmark which, without doubt, also bears the imprint of my parents. I feel very grateful for everything I have learned from them and, above all, for their personal values that live on with me today.

From my mother, Annette, author of the book«The Personal Care of Plants»and expert inphytotherapy, homeopathy, mycology, and many other areas, I have learned, above all, torespect and care for nature and animals.

My father, P-G., spent a large part of his working life in Africa and the Caribbean and has had a fascinating life as a pilot, translator, as well as working for the UN, the Swedish International Development Authority, the Red Cross, SAAB and other organizations. From him, I have gained a spirit of curiosity – that desire to learn something new each day – and an unflagging energy in pursuing my dreams, even at times when I’ve had to overcome significant challenges.

From my parents, I’ve inherited a respect and concern for nature, a drive to raise awareness about science and the environment and a dream of improving things, in the knowledge that a better world really is possible! 

Pelle Lundborg

I’ve learned from them to appreciate a job well done and, above all, to value human greatness at its full potential, both at an individual and group level. Thanks to them, I feel full of energy and motivation for transforming this fincainto a sustainable organic property, and doing my bit to make the world a better place, the best way I know how: putting my heart into everything I do.
My two children are the driving force of my life and they also love nature, life in the countryside, playing with our dogs and discovering all the hidden corners of the finca.