October, 2019

Finca Solmark, new member of the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

With its adhesion, rural agrotourism aims to boost mainly the commercialisation and export of olive oil, avocado and other Spanish ecological products to Sweden, and also to encourage sustainable tourism in Spain with rural accommodation, activities organisation and environmental initiatives.

Finca Solmark represents rural agrotourism with charm that brings the best of the Swedish and Spanish philosophy. Its main activity is growing, marketing and exporting olive oil, avocados, honey and other ecological products mainly to Sweden although it has other customers in several European countries. Solmark  also offers rural accommodation with charm, where you can enjoy the surroundings, read books on sustainability, health or best practices of world change agents and the opportunity to perform several activities.

Using  the words of its owner and founder Pelle Lundborg, who combines his work in the Finca with his work in the Embracer Group, of which he is co-founder, “It is in our DNA to be a socially responsible company and become   a changemaker, given our project’s important social and environmental impact”.
He also adds that “it is not necessary to explain what is behind the Finca, because my intention is for it to be,  above all, an inspirational, educational and environmental awareness, scientific and rural development project. I would be delighted to be able to serve as a reference in the future to the entire world, especially to young people”.
In Solmark the options to enjoy the Finca are many:  you can relax in full nature, sponsor an olive tree, plant an avocado, collect ecological fruit from the orchard, visit insect hotels, get lost in the country to meditate, enjoy extra virgin olive oil that we produce or participate in some of the clean-up and recycling activities that we organise, among others.
In early October, Finca Solmark formalised its adhesion to the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, a private and independent non-profit association to foster commercial and cultural relations between Spain and Sweden. The Chamber was formed in 1950 and has approximately 200 member companies throughout Spain. “Finca Solmark’s initiative strikes us as remarkable and we are proud to be partners since  its work represents the sustainability values and environmental awareness that we so much want to support in the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce”, said Anna Fransson, managing director of the chamber.

On 23 November  Finca Solmark will organise a very original activity to “Sponsor an olive tree”, an initiative in which those attending are invited to experience the feeling of becoming a farmer and enjoy their own olive oil harvest and this is how  to make a contribution in the elaboration of a product with exclusive delicacy, quality and purity. In this first edition, open to everyone but dedicated especially to Swedish customers, it is intended to approach  ecological agriculture, traditions, tourism and Spanish cuisine to all potential consumers living in Sweden and to  Swedes living in Spain. And, to achieve this, the best is to “experience the Finca first hand”.

“The offer to participate in olive harvesting has awakened a great interest among our partners on the Costa del Sol. To a large extent, Pelle Lundborg has made the dream come true of many Swedish lovers of Andalusia and Spain to have their own estate”, said Mats Björkman, Delegate of the chamber in Malaga.

In Lundborg’s words “With these kinds of initiatives, the most important is to “marry Swedish and Spanish philosophies” in order to sow environmental awareness so that everyone understands that we are all responsible for taking care of the planet, starting with ourselves. Sweden, my home country, is a world reference on preservation of the planet due to its environmental model and one of its goals is to bring the best practices to this area of Spain”.
“Planting a tree in the ground is a symbolic act. The rural exodus and depopulation is a harsh reality of the many municipalities of Spain that are getting deserted. A reality that we intend to reverse with projects such as ‘Sponsor an olive tree’. We are of the opinion that “everything adds”, including the smallest actions and in our project we want to show the change that we want in society, with the view that future generations can enjoy their rural wealth, their nature and culture, which is huge, and sometimes we do not even know how to appreciate it”, added Lundborg.

Finca Solmark is a Spanish-Swedish Rural EcoTourism engaged in the production, marketing and export to Europe of olive oil, avocado and other ecological products to Sweden. It offers charming rural accommodation and several projects to promote awareness, dissemination and environmental education.

Web: https://fincasolmark.com/

E-mail: hi@fincasolmark.com