Julio, 2020

An interview with Amanda Colldén

She is 31 years old and has always strived forward in life. She is eager to make things happen, to visualize and concretize ideas and wants everything to go really fast. She has never studied and sometimes she feels ashamed about it. However, she has always managed to get ahead anyways. Her podcast Alla våra ligg is now 4 years old and from the start it has been and still is one of Sweden’s biggest podcasts with approximately 600.000 streams a month. She talks about sex in a personal and explicit way. She does not do it to provoke, she does it because she thinks it is fun and she wants to display the importance about being open about sex. According to her, it is one of the few things all humans have in common but it is often confused with shame and taboos. Apart from the podcast and the brand Alla våra ligg, she has lots of other projects such as a tv-serie on national tv, a book about female pleasure, lots of live lectures and a subscription service that has sold more than 25.000 boxes since the start in February 2018.

  • What characteristics do you think are necessary to be a successful entrepreneur?

Be a doer. Anyone can come up with great ideas but you have to execute them as well. Do first and ask afterwards, unless we’re talking about processes that could cause actual legal consequences. Make sure you’re “pot committed” – invest time or money in your project and make sure to do the rest as well.

  • How are women entrepreneurs disrupting in the sextoy and feminine care markets?

Sextoys used to be (and still are in some ways) a taboo that we should not talk about. With women being more liberal and empowered, it has become easier for us to to talk about sex related topics. When men do it, there is a fine line, considering our history (and present time) with inequality, shaming of women who like sex, etc.

  • How did you come up with the idea of founding Liggboxen? What is the main activity of the company for those who do not know it?

Liggboxen is a subscription service for sextoys. It comes out every other month and costs approximately 50 euros. During the 2 years it has been alive, we have sold over 25000 boxes. Personally, I think the USP is that couples can present new things to try in the bedroom and at the same time have someone to blame it on. It is much easier than telling your partner you want to try a buttplug, for example.

  • What makes your company unique?

We are social media-influencers and have a big audience. They like us and trust what we say. That makes our marketing easy and thrustworthy. It is all a combination of lectures, podcasts and our subscription service.

  • Can you tell us a little bit about Alla våra ligg, one of Sweden´s biggest podcasts? How was it launched?

Alla våra ligg was launched almost four years ago. Me and my friend thought it was fun and important to talk about sex in a humoristic non-judgmental way, in the same way as we talk about food. Sex is, after all, one of the few things where all humans connect and yet its still a taboo.

  • Why have podcasts become more popular recently?

I think it is because of technology. Normal people have the opportunity to publish and advertise themselves with tools that are easily available and the audience seems to like it.

  • How have you achieved to get so many followers? From your point of view, what are the keys to create a loyal community?

This is so hard to say. For us, I guess it was the timing (nowadays we’re quite old in the Swedish podcast world!). At the time, it was a completely new kind of podcast and it was about a topic that was interesting to lots of people. On top of that, we were anonymous at the beginning , going under fake names. I think that made us exciting to people.

  • How about the tv-serie on national tv, one of the other projects associated to the brand? What can you tell us about it?

SVT, Sweden’s public service channel contacted us a few weeks after the podcast was launched. It was a series with 6 episodes, very similar to the podcast, but with all the visuals.

  • You’ve written a book about female pleasure with other writers and have done lots of live lectures. Why is this topic so interesting to women? Do you think that there is not enough sexeducation and information nowadays?

Well, research says that women get 2/3 as many orgasms as men do, in heterosexual relationships. In gay relationsships it is more equal. We think this is due to a lot of pressure and norms in the society. When women masturbate it takes as long as it takes for men to get an orgasm.

  • You offer a subscription service that has sold more than 25.000 boxes since the start in february 2018. Do you think that this kind of service is one of the keys of your success in business?

Definitely! Our subscription service is very beneficial to us as it gives us a relatively steady incomestream.

  • Do you sell all the sextoys online? How important is e-commerce in your business?

Yes. It is extremely important to us, since it is our only platform for sales.

  • And which is the role of technology and innovation?

Without the internet and open platforms such as podcasters, we wouldn’t have had a business at all. However, in comparison to other high-tech companies we are not really a tech dependent company. To me, a podcast is pretty much the same as radio, but distributed in another way. It is not a completely new product.

  • What is your main target market?

For the podcasts, women and men in their thirties. I guess it is the same for Liggboxen, but because of GDPR we don’t know that much about our subscribers unfortunately. However, currently we target our marketing towards heterosexual couples between 25-50 years old.

  • Are new generations — Millennials — much more willing to buy sexproducts in a natural way?

I hope and think so. However, I think there is also a big group that is going towards more conservative lifestyles. We are seeing extreme right-wing-values all over the world growing bigger, unfortunately. So it is a bit of a mix.

  • Do you think that we will be able to buy toys and accessories in the near future without being harassed and judged?

I can only hope. Two steps forward, one backward.

  • In the current moment of social distancing, couples around the world are re-thinking how to create intimacy being apart from each other. In the months to come, do you expect to see more sextoys offering safe and effective long-distance features? What are the main trends in this market?

Maybe, but there are already some in the market and they are quite expensive. I am not convinced we will see a big boom.

  • What do you think about app-enabled and remote control toys?

Nice and exciting, but again expensive.

  • How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

All our live events, such as lectures, live podcasts and our live shows have been cancelled. So it has impacted us, but luckily not too badly yet.

  • We have an important question related to sustainable & conscious companies. What makes a sex toy eco-friendly?

Ohhh, this is hard. No consumption is eco-friendly and I think the only way to solve the climate crisis is to reduce it a lot. I would give up Liggboxen in zero seconds if governments all over the world made laws that could help us save the planet. Encouraging an overconsumption of sex toys is not something I am proud of in that sense.

  • Please, tell us which projects you’re working on right now.

Right now; Liggboxen, our podcast and our second podcast that we started during Corona where we answer all our listeners questions. But at the moment things are quite slow for Alla våra ligg. It will pick in fall. In the meantime, I have started “Glassbryggan”, an Ice cream-bar for boats in Stockholm. 🙂

  • Any final thoughts you’d like to share with our followers?

Nice to meet you and if you have something you want to do, DO IT! Just start, make sure you get committed enough so you do not regret the way you took. 🙂


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