Are you a fan of anything organic and healthy products? Would you like to have a totally exclusive way to receive fresh fruit and receive it at home, directly from the field? Are you one of those people who values quality, taste and real organic products, beyond just the transport itself? Do you consider yourself a true lover of what today is now referred to as the “super food” par excellence?

Adopt an avocado!

What makes Finca Solmark different from the rest?


  • Selection of top quality avocados, fresh and with optimal flavour, harvested exclusively for you.
  • Grown by professional experts, with knowledge and experience in the agri-food industry.
  • Totally organic, with no additives or chemicals.
  • Maximum respect for the environment.
  • From Málaga, Spain, internationally known as one of the most ideal regions for growing avocados.
  • Optimal transport so that the avocado does not lose any of its properties and arrives in perfect condition.


Adoption certificate.

A photograph of your tree with its location.

An engraved, wooden name plaque.

Two 4 kg boxes of organic avocados

Since this is a seasonal product, avocados will be delivered twice a year:
in spring (April) and autumn (October and November), but orders will be accepted year-round.
  • Personalised wood plaque with your name and that of your adopted avocado.
  • Adoption certificate, with your name and that of your adopted avocado.
  • We’ll send you a photo of your adopted avocado, with its corresponding location.
  • Invitation to a traditional Mexican party that will be held at the farm in the spring (we’ll let you know the date ahead of time), with guacamole, fajitas, tacos, etc.
Contents of the Pack